'Jaycen's Lyric' artwork released

After much anticipation, the artwork for 'Jaycen's Lyric' has been revealed! Some have been curious about why the name of the project is 'Jaycen's Lyric.' 
Words from the man himself:

"My best friend, Deallo Felder, was killed in a car crash not even an hour after being released from jail down in Willmar, MN April 15th 2009. I will NEVER forget that day. It crushed me to the point I dropped out of college. Our favorite movie was JASON'S LYRIC. So Myself, Deallo, Zavier & James made a pact that whoever had the first son, would name him Jason. Whoever had the first daughter would name her Lyric. Deallo had the first daughter, which he named Lyric. So when I found out I was having a boy, the name was already chose lbs. S/O to Samantha for goin wit the flow!! lol. Had to switch the spelling up tho, Jason is boring lol. But with that said, when it came to choosing a name for this EP, it was a NO BRAINER. 'Jaycen's Lyric‬' was ALL that came to mind. And the release date couldn't be more fitting, April 15th 2015!!! Deallo is the faint face you see in the background btw. This project means EVERYTHING to me, it's another chapter of my life, PLEASE SUPPORT!!!"

'Jaycen's Lyric' will be released exclusively HERE on LyricMarid.com on April 15, 2015. That same night, Lyric will be at Mill City Nights opening for IAMSU! The official release party for 'Jaycen's Lyric' will be Thursday April 23 at the Triple Rock Social Club.

We want to thank everyone for supporting, whether you are a Day 1 fan, or a brand new fan, THANK YOU. 

Special thanks to Quiz for hooking up the artwork.

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  • tra d

    tra d IL

    U n ur music are dope u have a meaning behind the truth in every song!!!

    U n ur music are dope u have a meaning behind the truth in every song!!!

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